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ibook and Linux and Tiger

so i was cleaning up my room and found my ibook chillin under my desk with a deadbattery. sad so i charged it up cursed a bit as the system clock problems went away.then found that my ibook was horribly out of date. did some apple updates, then rememberedthat Tiger is out so i need to russle up a copy of that and check it out. I also havelinux installed on the ibook, after a few hours trying passwords for the root i finallygot in. a old copy of gentoo from 2003. yuck,it was a fun idea that mike and i had back in the day. but i don't like gentoo. growingup with mandrake/redhat i had to go back to it somehow. well redhat and mandrake allwent the way of the dino. so time for a new distro. i remember reading about YellowDog Linux back in 2000 and figured it must be good now if its still around. afterall they are PPC as the primary platform. Also i found out that mandrake stopped thePPC at 9.0

so after some light reading i downloaded the 4 cd’s (ouch) and installed them out.still running osX.3 as a secondary partition and now YDL as primary. Also been a whilesince i used X windows. read a little on the new $g(KDE)/$g(GNOME) well i hate KDEi cant stand the user interface and think anyone who likes linux for its KDE needsa refresh in the fact that a computer is supposed to be EASY to use. not somethingyou have to konquer! so gnome it is. as a side note i read a few things where peoplecriticise the fact that people need a GUI for linux saying “go back to the console”wtf where are you from, thats what i expect to hear from a 78yr old Professor at Princeton.sure console is for things but you dont work in a telnet session all day. and if youdo …HAHA (i’m a nerd)

anyway so i download cd’s and pop them in and choose install i also found this nicelooking “install”pdf and mostly printed it out because i was trying to figure out the page numbersthen realised its a little bind yore own book. well i just wanted to make my own bookso i printed it and stapled it into a cool little linux install book i never reallylooked at the contents but i do have a nice book

the install is what i remember of my early linux days, just cleaner the install isnow fast and concise, there is no crap and it dont look like GNOME .9 anymore i likethat. some package picking installing all the compilation tools since thats aboutall i need a linux tool for. that and WEP cracking.

after first boot there is a config menu just like windows, i like this, congrats YDLteam.  very easy setup they dont make the network card setup part of all this,i had to do this by experience and not a wizard. then using YUM i updated the wholedistro, installed firefox and BAM now i go play with tiger.

Tiger! ok so other then the new SMB support i have no care for the new product. itbroke 2/3 of the applications i use on OSX – broke VPC,VPN otherthen that nothing eventful. If you care then you dont read my blog for this type ofnews anyway.

i thought about making some how-to on the subject matter but there is more then youneed outthere, if you ahve a Q comment back – holla’

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tired kelly has too much free time

today i finished up a “draft” install of my stereo still have a few large bugs towork out but its coming along. here is a photo of the most noticeable features.


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