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black berry isnt for the picking

I just picked up a black berry 7290device that i will be testing out with the enterprise server – my initial reviewis that its bas ass the price isn’t.

Other nerd news they can put a chip on a catbrain and see what the cat can see

My link of the week is the coolest idea out there – so cool I actually went to workto build a linux box with a sound card (damn ibook wont work with linux/sound) andI redirected the harddisk data to the sound card, what that means is that you dumpthe binary data to the sound driver. COOL you get to hear the crap that modemsput over the phone line. I don’t know why I had fun with this but it was.

Linux also will help you run OSX on XBOX notcool but new

Also if you’re looking for a PVR project the masters of hacking put out a guide

4th of july is near time for the K-80’s to shine





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June Birthday Bash

spent the weekend at WWU for the 9+ birthdays that are this month. Had a BBQ (pictures)and also played some serious amounts of GTA: San Andreas, Lead foreman Micahand I built the first ever tieredseating system in the living room for the event. Also spent some time at the UP,but most notably of the weekend was Mikesnew Mustash



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baseball and bowling

Wednesday I went to go see a Mariners game over at Safeco Field, got nice seats onfirst base right at field level. they were sweet its the only way to watch a game.I also got about 40 shots of cereal andam going to make a calendar of her for her mom. the m’s won it in the 12th itwas a good game. I wish they would have lost however, then they would have been deadlast. Picture of baseball


having problems with my ball

Thursday i went bowling at kenmore lanes in Kirkland. good place got to hang out with Kadi whoi haven't seen in a few and conor2 fromOR who works at the pornshop from the gnome thing. BowlingPictures

weekend @wwu and i work in 3 hours shoot.



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weekend at the park

it was a fun weekend at the park, hung out with corene who is always busy with churchand work and caroline who is up at wwu dooinfun things so we just dont see as much any more. Friday went to grasslawn park andi actually swung or swang until i was sick. then Saturday mike and i did somenerd stuff with ibooks then went to a new park in Redmond called pergo park? or something.basically if your in Redmond and know the secret road back by cadman and the brickroad the park is there. its a awesome park. i tried to skate board with little success.i did that because my basket ball skills are crap and i couldn't play bump very well.but that park is awesome – mike has a beardnow, its about as awesome as we figured it would be. conor also wanted to startgolfing again so we went golfing

all pictures here

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yikes part 2

interesting day for random links.

Mice can now be R/C mice thisis fun, also this is a laboratory ihope to work for one day

another day of 14 hour work, thats 28 hours worked in 48, whats wrong with this picture?

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i just worked 14 hours!

in other news mike is intown and his sister graduatedhigh school!

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get better site rankings with google

in the recent blog world at work it has become a trick to have the site ranking ongoogle. what with Jon’s recent posting on ballcocks makinghim get hits for such a topic on google. You can always cheat and link up to largerblogs with a trackback to a site like zachbraffs blog where you can go check out the new $imdb(chicken little) trailer,or hear him chat about some new movie he is working on.  its not listed in thegoogle how to. but in my log’s appears to make a huge difference to site hits.

The google patent on how they site rank was posted and a clif notes of the articleis posted here basicallyfrom corbis to youshould read this site if your a web admin.

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Central Washington Class of 2005

fancy title kelly, i went to CWU this weekend overin ellensburg and not only got burnt again. but conor and fernando graduated.hung out with the dudes and their families. good times great oldies. TIME FOR SUMMER.i kicked off summer by blowing up fernandos oldcomputer and a LOT of eggs.


oh yea a quick note about shoes. i found a site that will show you the thousands of waysto lace yoru shoes. so getin the know

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kelly where is the fun blog?

i know, mostly i have just Nerd news. i have been working so hard lately that nothing extracurricular has been going on. this weekend i will be in CWU for Fernando and Conors graduation so there should be some fun from that. its summer soon and things will pick up keep reading and i will be here with fun news.

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[movie] be cool

are you cool honey bunny? I watched this movie mostly to see Uma Thurman and John Travolta play on screen again. It was worth it for the other look of Uma man she is hot this movie has her mixing up the hair and makeup a few times they must have had fun with that. But to keep jon and eli from giving me shit for a wardrobe i better get to my review of $imdb(be cool) i thought more of the DVD then the movie seriously the dvd menu and special features are so well done. someone with a lot of money made this movie. as for the movie it just was. it was fun. a LOT of great behind the scenes jokes like fred durst at the mtv awards awesome! but see if you can spot them all there is so much funny in the background of the movie that its too bad they couldn't really make the movie something i was more attached to. and no jon and eli the color wasn't something worth mentioning the cinematography was only cool once in the opening of the shot of john other then that it was static cam opera shooting. yes even the parts where they put the cast around a central focal point so that you can still see everyone in the shot. man this review is boring. sort of like this movie was i guess. but its worth the rental, i just wish they did more with it sort of left me dry.

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