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DNS timeouts OSX 10.4.2

So i updated to the new cool version thinking finally my Cisco VPN will stop crashing. Thanks to apple it gave me new problems. I was looking into the problem of "DNS resolve issues OSX" and found a TON of people with the same issues as me. Now i dont know why or who or when it failed.

After a lot of reading and testing, found a few things. One it wasnt my network. Two there is no way i am going to use the "fix" of hardcoding DNS servers or setting other "Locations" for my network settings

A huge story about the problemswith OSX and DNS and crappy tech support. Out of this site or something else ifound a new idea stupid mac likes to be hip and they implement IPv6 well the hellwith that. Untill they fix there shit away it will go. I turned it off on the controlpanel and edited the /etc/hostconfig find the section for IPv6 andwrite it to NO reboot and your problem is solved.

Damn AAAA records messing up my browsing!

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