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Kelly Hardware – Review of Vista Beta 1

So I just pulled down a copy of MicrosoftWindows Vista Beta 1 and thought, Share this with my mostly non nerdy Blog Readers!Fun for you. Google Hits for me. Here ya go…


After loading my DVD into a ShuttleX system witha IntelRaid and booting I got a BSOD soI rebooted yeah! it works with some crappy video support. Then i put in my key, andfound my USB floppy drive and put my intel disk into the drive. Still no go. Seemslike the beta forgot that people dont install floppy disks anymore. But never fearmicrosoft finally did something amazing. They allow you to pull OEM drivers from CD/DVD/USBthats right! so i burnt out a CDROM with my 300k of drivers and hit next. Now thiswas cool, the Install allows you graphically edit your partitions, with options toexpand come along way from TXTMODE in 2003. I named my PC and step one of installwas done (two step process)

Here is where the funny business started. I went to “installing windows”That was as far as it went the box just sat there. 10 mins later

Reboot – Try three of install. enter that damn key again.

This time I tried something different. I put the OEM cdrom in the computer andloaded the intelraid. Then i hit format after i partitioned then i pulled out theOEMcdrom and put back in the VistaDVD before hitting next, this seems to have “fixedthe glitch” microsoft if your reading i also would like to see a better representationthat the “install” is installing. Or a time countdown. I like countdownthat actually have no real bearing on linear time in the real world. Give me somelame ass “whats new” in this version or something. It appears to alsoutilise a RAM disk during install.

On a P4/2Ghz it took about 10 mins to install reboot then it did a bunch of stuff(install drivers and PnP) where a annoying progress bad just went from 0–100%over and over again. My video support was now normal so thats a relief. There is aspinning sand timer icon for the mouse that is a close resemblance to win98plus. 10–15later it reboots again.


Video is messed up again, there is a “supplemental drivers install” notworking yet, but some day it might its cool they allow driver install first thing.

You can go else where for a review of the GUI enhancements. I personally dent carefor them. Windows2000 has the best GUI that i ever would want. I didn't even botherwith the new theme I put it right back to 2000classic. Then i promptly joined a domainso that my normal security and “pro” features would come to life. Yea….lets just say this beta isn't Domain ready yet. so much for switching to my primarydesktop as beta. I also dont like the “user switching” at all, this isXPHome. Back to GUI notes, i dont like the html look to every window but that canbe shut off. and the task bar isnt auto showing user switching or logoff. They dohave this cool view to show you how full a disk is in my computer. Thats nice. Ittook me about 10 mins to set up all the graphical settings to get it back to a 2000look that “admins” like.


Other thoughts.

I noticed they have iSCSI support that is cool, there is a bunch of cool progressionenhancements that make the os cool. Like the ability to edit the path in exploreron the fly. I can get it to blue screen every time from hibernation. anything elsenew i will post.



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