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fun in the sun

What a full weekend! Starts off with a evening out with KristinErin and Katie oh yea Fernandoand his beard! pictures(1,2)then after getting home at 3am Wake up for the FamilyReunion. Then a fun afternoon of floating down the river with Kadiand Kjersti. We floated the Tolt river it was Super fun. Next time just need to find the way out before we go in!  My feet look like a cat attacked me.

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dasBlog 1.8.5210.0 Upgrade

Upgraded to newtelligence dasBlog 1.8.5210.0 its feature list is here,if you host your blog with me I will upgrade you as soon as the code is “gold”(this is still RC1)

A feature I requested made it into the source! (pre dating and post dating blog posts)this will be handy to add content to my blog but not make it front page. This littleblog is becoming powerful! now i just need communityserver to release a new 1.2 for my photo album and my little microspinoff siteis all new and fresh!

Also you as the reader why do you care about this new release, well I went in andredid my theme finally for a upgrade that was required. With that i put google adsback on the site as well as made “change theme” option for you to readmy blog in the personalised way. Some of the themes have some wonkyness, over timeI might customise them but that just means more work to upgrade code. so have fun.and remember C is for Cookie.

If your here Via a search engine and you are using this, or looking for support fordasBlog then please remember to support the dev team so that there is continued progresson the blog we all use! Donate

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