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Johnson Family Reunion

Spend a extended weekend up at the JohnsonRanch the weather was awesome. A Nice new firepit this year built by Gary andRich (Rich was kind enough not to make it) Some crazydancing lots of off road'n and some games. Rare familyshot and Mostof the bunch

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first “make over show” that i approve

OK so i hate all make over/fix up/renew shows out there but i just saw this on MTV– TrailerMake over where they make your Trailer Fabulous.

I’m Kelly Keeton and I approve of this show.

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Washington DOL not so (heart) kelly

well i am not going to lose my licence for 30 days. But i also cant get a ticket for 365. ohhh.

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Secure Your Shit

Great Documents Read them if you have a server at home or at work!

WindowsServer 2003 Security Guide

Solutionfor Securing Windows 2000 Server

Each document Follows Microsoft Best Practice for Security. So unless your the DOD Thisis a good read.


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Most Wanted Ace Of Spades


Since about a third of you that read this page are alumni of RedmondHigh School Class of 2000 (google keyword) You prolly remember Fernando.

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[movie] Kung Fu Hustle

Woah talk about a surprise movie, this was awesome. I dont know much history about where this came from but $imdb(Kung Fu Hustle) was super cool. All i can say is if you like Kung Fu movies from the past 10 years this one needs to be watched its fun! so put on the required amount of flair and sit back for some kung-foolery

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ohh its Gold now baby

basBlog went from RC to “1.8Gold” today. I was awake and slightly bored so I upgraded my whole server(meaning that if you host with me your also now 18k-gold) Jon informedme of the code punch to source forge. I even upgraded Eli’s blogeven though his only posts include “OHH so sorry been a long time since Iposted anything”

Now that I am up and running a non test version i will be further investigating,the commenthacking I saw, Jon is also having issues with a magic black list referrer thathe cant evade.

Don't know if the commentmacros are now “gold” as well, I did tool around the source for abit  looks like the comments about “possible unstable” are gone soit must be ok.

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car’s are why the world is fun

now even if the state of Washington wants to stop me from driving.

I just found that my favourite car show in the world is now on DiscoveryChannel

Top Gear if you dont know is a British showabout cars, real cars. Seriously. They do most 200k$ cars but they also work withreal cars. This show is awesome. and yes Jon and Eli the camera angles are what makesit worth while – its awesome! make sure you get time to watch it at 10pm

If you have ever wanted a car, your missing out on everything if you miss this show.

One thing i notice is they cut out all the fun banter, they have less commercialsin UK – go download a show to get the real feel.


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comment hacking?

i just noticed that i am getting hit with the following comments

8/9/2005 12:12:19 AM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
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open dbx file |outlook_expressAT NOSPAMukr dot net
8/10/2005 12:41:08 AM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
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open .dbx file |outlookAT NOSPAMua dot fm

see that email? it looks like someone is trying to hack something.Now whats weird about it? if you searchcloser on google looks like dasblog is getting pop'd with this a lot.

what are they trying to do? i dont see any exploit (yet) they could accomplish II6fools you cant get me! -last words 🙂

oh yea its from IP but its a crap address.

sorry for the non nerds who saw me post something new, nothing else is going on excitingat the moment just work.

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sad day at work

Jon made me sad today.  :-S just when i was walking on sunshine, he hands me a cloud

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