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DasBlog Macros

Playing with DasBlog I noticed from Omars Blogthat he is using the Blog Stats that I requested from the Sourceforge sitethen realised that its just not well documented. so hopes with this post that thatcan at least be on google.

So dasblog features to have Blog Stats was fixed by just looking around the Macros.CS(source script) and finding the macro


This macro will return your current stats (see the “about” section onthis page for a example)

Another Macro for dasBlog is that you can return the popular Titles of the top trackbacketc. (it appears still a little unstable)


/remarks (from .cs) The resulting data is cached in memory for 8 hours, as popularityof posts doesn't change THAT much, and updating 3 times a day seems more than reasonable.

Note that each of the listed macros might be unstable past the hundreds of posts andappears like its still not a stable part of the code but its in there for the scriptkiddys like me to find. BOoo yea for open source .net

also Jon couldnt figure this out but here isthe macro for the “Choose Theme” drop down.


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