KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0 reverse engineering life


ohh its Gold now baby

basBlog went from RC to “1.8Gold” today. I was awake and slightly bored so I upgraded my whole server(meaning that if you host with me your also now 18k-gold) Jon

informedme of the code punch to source forge. I even upgraded Eli’s
blogeven though his only posts include “OHH so sorry been a long time since Iposted anything”

Now that I am up and running a non test version i will be further investigating,the commenthacking I saw, Jon is also having issues with a magic black list referrer thathe cant evade.

Don't know if the commentmacros

are now “gold” as well, I did tool around the source for abit  looks like the comments about “possible unstable” are gone soit must be ok.

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