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Nasty Flood

So with all the news lately about the flooding in the south thought I would add alink on the topic.

here you have the trunk system or some sort of communicationssystem for the law/military in Louisiana its a shoutcast stream so have aplayer like winamp ready.

and last, rare life commentary from the kelly blog…

Its interesting how people in places react to this disaster, over seas we have a tsunamithat kills 50k people, takes them 20 years to recover. USA 2 years and not so manykilled, no crazy looting and crap in 3rd world country. USA reduced to a area of 3rdworld anarchy. I dont watch the news, its all bad any more. Here is the thing Iwonder since revelations (from the bible for those that didn't catch on) basicallyoutlines that things like this are going to become more common. If this is the waywe deal with this now. all i have to say is Yikes, we are in for a crazy time I think.Yet another reason to have a buddy in Jesus

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