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harry potter and the half blood prince review

so i just read HarryPotter and the Half Blood Prince well actually didn't read. I listened toit on MP3. Turns out that either the publisher, author or someone decided that theywould not release the book to online e-book/mp3 book retailers like my hated Audigycompany (they suck) anyway since someone feels that people would just steal the book.Well thats interesting that you can just go to the library rent the CD-Audio bookthen rip it and torrent it up. Well JK if your reading this FYI had you not been brainwashed by the RIAA and who ever else. I would have paid auidgy for the book.

Ok rant done. So this is book 6, longer then the rest and took about two weeks to…listen to. (you suckers that read it dont get the cool voices) My review isshort. The book was good. but i didn't like it on the whole. Nothing really cool happened,like it was 900 pages just to get to one death. that sucks. Throw in some romancethat we all know will be some sort of trouble in the next book. and yes this was justa lead up to the next book. but thats lame now i gotta wait a year or when ever justfor that. Who likes a book that ends with a sort of boring funeral? Oh yea and I ThinkJK went a little over the top on the chapter 23 or whatever when they were in thecave. I personally think that that is not material for children, I like that we canturn some cruel torcher/aganoy into some light hearted children book. boo on that. Iguess I got what I paid for.

spare me the comments in real life how lame I am that not only did I listen to thebook but that I bloged it. comment on the blog haha!

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