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Broken Lizard Collection almost complete

This is not normally what I go about posting but I figured I would rip off some textfrom another site. Butmy other fab group of Movie dudes (other being zachbraff who has been rather quiet lately …scrubsseason two where are you?

Specs for Broken Lizard's "PuddleCruiser"
POSTED ON 09/09/05 AT1:30 A.M.

Broken Lizard's first feature film, Puddle Cruiser, comes to DVD just in timefor Christmas.

The film, by the same group who did SuperTroopers and Club Dread,will be distributed by Fox Home Entertainment, and will be available on December13, 2005. For a retail price of $19.98, the disc will contain the Widescreen aspectratio, as well as:

Audio Commentary by Broken Lizard Members Jay Chandrasekhar and Erik Stolhanske
Audio Commentary by Broken Lizard Members Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Paul Soter"Rodeo Clowns" Feature

Interestingly enough, this release coincides with the as yet unannounced release ofRated and Unrated versions of Warner's recent big screen remake of TheDukes of Hazzard, directed by Lizard alumni Jay Chandrasekhar, and writtenby the Broken Lizard troupe.


Since i have now linked to every thing related to Fox Home Entertainment lets addone more dont forget FamilyGuy Vol.3 is also out. Oh yea and arresteddevelopment. must love me. (hate amazon <– keyword)

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