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How to get Windows 2003 Working on a HP Integrity Server

So your company just dumped a new HP Integrity 64–Bit Server rx7620in your lap and said getthis working yesterday? well thats not as easy as I thought. First off it needspower. According to the white page 12a a line cord at 4(12) we are actually eatingpower! So read the PrepGuide its handy then when you gotta put the 250lb server in a rack this isSuper handy installGuide. Note that the whole line of servers has the same documentation for itsindividual model. I found it by selecting my server from HP site then clicking onthe self-help resources and the manuals link

64 Bit Madness So here are some pointers to settingup a HP Itanium with the EFI / SCI after you read the setupguide you will have a uhh what now question like I did. Thanks HP for here is some tricks to keep you from my delays.

  • first have a laptop or dummy server handy to run a COM cable to its prolly not possibleto have a remote COM session so just best to have a laptop or something handy. Thenyou can set the IP for the telnet to the MP after thats done. or leave the dummyserver to do your dirty work.
  • TTY with VT-UTF8 emulation
  •  login of (Admin/Admin or Oper/Oper first time default) to getback to the MP for example get to the EFI and press CTL+B <–remember that
  • edityour cells/partitions from theMP -make sure your COM port is pluged into the master or MP (lit up with a LED)
  • once you get in you will see Server2003 Boot, then you want to access the SCI interface
  • run the command ‘ch’ to list your channels then run the command ‘ch-si #’ to connect to the Unattended Setup for Windows or ‘ch -?’
  • finish windows setup -reboot
  • go back into the SCI and login then type ‘CMD’ this maps a command promptto a channel
  • follow the step to connect to a channel and connect to the server command line
  • then set your IP ifneeded or find out what dhcp did with Netsh
  • connect via RDP
  • allow the HP scripts to run
  • rename/domain/whatever your new $100k server!

Consider this HP makes a Video/USB card that will allow a local console so that youcan use a keyboard and mouse and monitor just like every other non Linux hardwareout there. (damn command line nerds) its the part number A6869A or get a ILO card

More handy notes

  • if your dont see the boot DVD/CD go into the EFI config and edit the boot menu toallow booting DVD (add the scsi device)
  • server is preloaded with 2003 to reinstall download the newest SmartSetup thenboot it for OS install
  • the HP docs are good to get you thru OS install
  • remember its x64 so things like your DOS boot disk and ghost wont work but RIS03 will!

* netsh command is as follows for a example

netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection"static 1

How to use the nparcommands toEdit the Partitions

  • downloadthe tools for 32 or 64 bit
  • if your on a external host remember to add the -u -p -i (username password Ip address)options to your command line
  • if your local you jsut run thecommands
  • figure out what your up to with the ‘parstatus’ justrun that and print to screen or a file for your managment
  • delete the partition you dont want ‘parremove -p2’
  • modify the partition you do want to add the cell you jsut deleted ‘parmodify -p2 -a 0/5:base:y:ri’
  • power off the cells then powerthem on with the PE command
  • check your new config with parstatus see if you did good>
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