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Console in Remote

This is cool did you know that you can use Remote Desktop Client (RDP) or TerminalService Connector (TSC) to connect to the Console of a box? Thus allowing the rebootof a Terminal Server or if you run a fat client that isn't capable of running in aservice. Just addthe /CONSOLE switch

mstsc /v:SERVERNAME /console

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[movie] The Sting

$imdb(The Sting) here is a movie that NetFlix recommendedto me. It was $imdb(Robert Redford) back in the day. This movie was actually verygood minus the 2.5 hour play time. They could cut a lot from it. I wouldn't be surprisedif we saw a remake of this movie some day. It had some plot twists I have never seenin this old of a movie. Seems like even the old farts of film had some talent. Theyeven get all fancy with page wipes and its funny if you watch you can tell when theyput static art in the place of a skyline it bounces a little haha. seriously checkthis one out.

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Ouch – My first web Page

so I was reviewing my logs from the weekend and watching what people find my site on search engines. Taking a look at my rankings and such, then I noticed a ©KellySoft was like what is this so i clicked the link. it was my old site! I had no idea it even was still on a server. So hereit is you can see my 1st ever animated GIF’s and frames and background imageand yes scrolling and blinking text. I also remember spending lots of time with theVB time script. I like that my links page is totally irrilivent and not even clickable.– Kelly’s CoolNew Webpage

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