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Mike Jones and Paul Wall Chopped and Screwed

so a while back Iposted about Mike Jones and how I dug the beats. Well I just discovered anew SwishaHouse story. Turns out thatsome dude Dj Screw  wasnotorious for spinnin cuts under the influence of purplesyrup. The effects slow your bubbly ass down. Thus the chopped and screwed soundyou can get on the Disc II of each of the Mike Jones and Paul Wall Cd’s. Dj MichaelWatts was a ‘student’ of DjScrew and thusly has the sound you Hear today.

Where is this going you ask me? Well i just found Disc2 of each of the Cd’s I gottasay that I am now a hard core fan of the dirrrrttttyyyy south chopped and screwedsound. Keep it commin swisha even if you didn't get the rights to the .com!

Now playing: PaulWall - DriveSlow (Feat. Kanye West)

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