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Corbis 2005 Halloween party

The pictures from lastnights Halloween party are on line …yea crazy time

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Education Spam?

So i got a comment on my blog today in the form of blog comment spam. The only thingweird about this was it wasn't boasting a under 18 web site or some mortgage companybut it seems that its promoting education.

I deleted the comment to keep from getting hit like crazy with comment spam but hereis the comment since it will 1) give me crazy ass google hits and 2) its funny thatsomeone comment spams educational points.

Salvador Dali paintedmany versions of “Persistence of Memory” around 1931 and our favouriteone naturally is this one which shows Salvador Dali’s pet llama which he obviouslycalled “Dali Llama”.It is displayed in the Museum of Llama Art in MountLehman, British Columbia.
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back from Mexico (yes i was in Mexico) pictures will be up soon. also some events this week that will be in line. just posting for the daily readers that thought i dissapeared. in fact i just have a lot of work.

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[movie] Domino

Just watched $imdb(Domino) this week and I liked it, not the most solid movie but its ADD style of film was cool. I liked how choppy and music video it was. There isn't much wow about it other then the cinematography. Take that jon.

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quick take a note


heather and susan thoughtit would be fun to use some post-itnotes to cover my cube. Hrm I guess I will just need to go to work on somethingother then foil

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Its my birthday Sunday

here are some pictures from lastwed other then that nothing to report. Saw Castof characters last night in freemont and left my credit card at the bar tab. DOH

oh yea its my birthday Sunday (9th)

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Archive of Propaganda Films

Keeping the RSS feeds popping thought i would send out a link to a collection of oldUS government propaganda films. Since this is all open source and paid for by thepeople we all own this. Therefor you can use it in your own video editing. Some ofthe old bomb video is good for anything. What about the flicks like sally isn't totouch boys. Good stuff

Old Government films

Old computercommercials

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