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Thanksgiving Happy-happ-haps

Here are Pictures from the GREAT long weekend.

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Happy Turkey Day

Today I gift you with something mike pointedme to, Its the Green Day CD remixed and hashedup. Its a free down load for who knows how long so go get, it it will make you happy. GreenDay – American Edit

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What to do for turkey day?

Friday: ECHO having a thingat the workshop,or call me

wed,Friday,sat,sun I will be out and about with various parties and gatherings callme if your bored.

Otherwise have a great 4 day vacation for those of you that get that, or just a dayoff for anyone who gets to work.


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avoid the $101 fine

So in Seattle they have shut down 3rd ave for the use of bus traffic during commutehours, there are cops on bikes to stop you from using the road and you get ticketsif you do. So this morning Quinn and are on the way to work when we see a car getpulled over for use of 3rd ave. the car turns down a alley of our building that isa dead end. Then about 15 bike cops swarm (I think I heard the words “swarm!!swarm!!”) then we were sort of in the middle of it all, and the cops come blazingwith guns drawn (cuz they dont know what this guy is up to) so we jetted out of thatmess.

Later to walk thru when it was “clean” we saw a frat boy looking dudein the back of a car and his girlie in another. Think your morning was bad? haha thisdude tried to evade a possible $101 ticket and he got to go to jail for a few hours,or even better till monday (no court today). HAHA wonder if he gets sick time forthat.

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whats with the churro

costco food stand recently replaced the $1.00pretzle with a $1.00 churro. This is unacceptable to me and I want you to comment back for a “bring back the pretzle”

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xbox360 hacking

haha looks like the xbox 360 hack challenge might be even more fun then the xbox!

TSOP on the 360!!! HOLY CRAP and whatthe guts look like

I would laugh if M$ put the TSOP chip there just to mess with the hackers and thinkthey can hack it. – now do camp out at best buy?

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where is scrubs and zach braff?

so i know your all a fan like me but ZachBraff and scrubs didn't disappear but looks like next year it will be back online.he posted a video blog post where he talks a bunch, its different and fun. also anew movie with him and my other fav. AmandaPeet. I cant wait. this reminds me of ScottCulver

so to review

1) zach if you actually read your trackbacks hook up scott culver he is just likeyou and dooing what you do just not as cool yet

2) puddlecruiser is out soon go buy!

3)white balance on blue


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Pictures are now on line from PetersParty

as well as My Mexico trip wheremy bro and I were baptised.

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hello new camera

as pre jons request here is a picture of mynew camera taking a picture of the broken camera



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[music] Review of BloodHound Gang – Hefty Fine

Ok so I am giving a small music review of a Band that I have always liked – BloodHound Gang here is my professional review of the new CD. I am unhappy withthe change they have taken. BHG has been hanging out with CKY (BamMargera) too much. I dont like the goth-rock or whatever that CKY has and listening to the new BHG it reminds me of it too much. There is only about 4 tracks on the new CD that I feel live up to the older BHG stuff. They lost the fast rhymes for some of the tracks and there is just this weird rocking out that CKY has. I just hope that in the next CD they return to the funny fast rhyme music.

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