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New Camera Again

well that didnt take long, a few google clicks and I stuck with my current style ofcamera just the newer version.

got a DSC-W5 from newegg (3day shipping cheap!)

This camera is the exact camera I had before just with some updates. There issome new cool cameras coming out with some cool image processing but its still notcheap and I wanted to stick with sony since I own all sony camera gear. This way mylenses and memory sticks still work 1:1 only bummer is the limited edition black versioni cant find. My old camera was black and that was cool. oh well no xbox 360 till nextyear

also FYI/PS on NewEgg shipping they say they are three day (just like when you dont buy things from them more then once every two years. They putyour credit card on pause for verification for 2 days then 1 whole day of “packing”then another day for shipping thats 3 days just to get it ready to ship. I know thisis because of the $5 i paid but mostly just a FYI to the nation dont expect that theprinted “3–day” means you will have it on friday. you still havethe package in the time UPS ground is gonna get it to you! ha.

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The idea of work still exists

Things I have done lately that arnt worth blogging.

  • got a flu shot
  • built some IDS boxes
  • cleaned my room
  • bought a glock
  • worked a lot
  • watched a bunch of late 60–70’s movies that were ok

Things I have done lately that I dont have pictures yet to blog about

  • gone to bellingham to party (broke mycamera) but got some pictures!
  • gone to mexico to build houses (still havent got the pictures developed)

what did you just read? yes i broke my camera badly in fact i have no camera any more;this is a problem come holiday party season. I dont know how I will fix thisyet. Seeing a xbox 360 is 400$ and a new camera is 400$. Doh. if you have any goodcamera in the 5+MP range that will take clear pictures super fast comment back.

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