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KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
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Exchange Sp2

I give kudos to Microsoft i applied ExchangeSp2 last night click and go. no testing. no errors. good job boys. WhatsExchange Sp2.

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I know i am asking for it. but i got real tired of seeing WET PANTIES in my statspage as a top keyword. so i disabled any comments on my photo gallery. sorry if youactually use it but in 4 months i have accumulated 7mb of xml data for the commentsalone. AHH well i just turned off that feature. thanks for playing you spammers butnot any more.

This also means sadly i’m sure my hits will no longer be in the 1000’sa day. damn wish i had google-ads on my photo still (it was messy) good bye googlehits  8,835 (since 10/1/05)

 on a related topic here is my best keyword from search engine ever

Internet Searches Hits
"bitby a whore" ( 4