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remote control street light

So as you might know i have a large movie set up in my room allowing for Big Screenmovie watching. Well this is very nice except there is a street light out my window.If you have a street light you know that its nice and a pain. Its only a pain whenI don't want light. So I thought – what if i could turn off my street light at will?

Thats what I went to work doing. First one night I went out and broke open the servicepanel for the light, I then voltage tested the wires to figure out if I was workingwith 220v which I wasn't (this is good)

First step was obtaining a remote devicesuch as this requirements are needed to be RF and able to handle 15 amps(not wanting to ever have it fry) I found one on ebay for $5

Then cutting off all the plastic and getting just the guts I tested to see if it shutoff each leg of power or just the Hot (it was just the hot) so I chopped it up andended up with this.


Now was the tricky part late one night I went in and wired this into the circuit.Be aware – I cant shut off the mains so if you do this at home, your actually wiringthis into a hot circuit. Don't be dumb and watch your tools and watch where the wiresrun when you arnt using them (cap them when your not working with the hot wires soyou don't hit them)

after I had the unit plugged in and tested for voltage I covered it with waterproofingspray on wax then electrical tape. (all while hot)

Then since it was night I tested (boo yea it works) I then went to my house and itdidn't work. Well after opening up the remote and finding the antenna lead (the obviousoutput from the RF modulator circuit) I soldered a two inch wire (antenna) on theunit to extend the ability for output. That fixed my range issue. Now I can watchmovies or have fun with local kids playing soccer!

Don't try this at home.

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