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Jons Crazy change

Jon recently went fromdasBlog to a product called DotNetNuke for hishome site. I dont have any inclination why he didn't use communityserver which i feel is a far superior product.

Jons Needs include

  • Blog Site for himself and one for his boy
  • photos of his family
  • a home site with his resume and the web cam where you can watch the pool get green

DNN is a huge application that seems better suited for a small company portal, whoknows i might find out something way cool some day but for personal use i think CSis much better.

this entry was in protest to jon leaving dasBlog and all the times it got him thru.

BTW C.S. beta 2.0 is out I highly reccomend you go play with it. Its amazing. lookfor to switch to it for front end site soon!

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New Years Plans

News years plans include the following


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One of the searches that i get all the time is “THIS IS THE POLICE THIS CLUBIS CLOSED” its a old techno song from 1997 erra. There is a few versions ofit I know, all of them are just rips of the popular clip of the time. so since Iget searched on it like mad i will provide the two I know of.

ATB -Ravegadget – This is as far as I know a “original”no idea for sure but I dont think ATB remixes others work a lot.

Still Looking – There is another that was remixed with the “da dum dadum”

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Merry Christmas – NOT happy holidays

December 25th is the day Jesus wasborn, which is in fact the reason for Christmas, I always find it funnywhen people twist it into something else. The fact is as much European culture, Dickens,and stockings and oranges you can cram into it. Its still the day because of Jesus.So, Happy Birthday Jesus!!!


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Christmas Party’s 2005

Photos from Chris-MaXX2005

Photos from Corbis Partyand Susan's

A picture of me atthe nutcracker

A picture of Fernandoin a UPS suit.

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ngallery HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out

ever have the following error with nGallery?or any other .net application for that matter?

nGallery error HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out

nGallery crashes when you bulk upload photos.

answer is in MicrosoftQ825739

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Password Protection

I have stumbled on an application that is cool. KeePassPassword Safe it is a password vault with a password generator. If your looking for such a tool this one is opensource and you can compile your own for the paranoid password people. Cool. and its open source so – its free!

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first day new job

new job and whew, i am pooped. There is so much.

here is something to think about today, if you dont know the site wellhere is your new friend. they prank things. this time they prank the people i hate,the RIAA

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Conor and Cheryl Glassey

enormous congratulations from my self and here is my official blog news to kick off Conors proposal to Cheryl Bean today. He asked her in her class where she is a teacher, during a game of Heads-Up 7–UP. Cheryl thought long and hard about the question but eventually said yes (kidding she was very happy).

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change of wind

Today is my last day at Corbis, I will be leaving to work for a consultingfirm in bellevue after five years its a change.

Pictures of the evening

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