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Jons Crazy change

Jon recently went fromdasBlog to a product called DotNetNuke for hishome site. I dont have any inclination why he didn't use communityserver which i feel is a far superior product.

Jons Needs include

  • Blog Site for himself and one for his boy
  • photos of his family
  • a home site with his resume and the web cam where you can watch the pool get green

DNN is a huge application that seems better suited for a small company portal, whoknows i might find out something way cool some day but for personal use i think CSis much better.

this entry was in protest to jon leaving dasBlog and all the times it got him thru.

BTW C.S. beta 2.0 is out I highly reccomend you go play with it. Its amazing. lookfor to switch to it for front end site soon!

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