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kung faux

i just noticed that Kung Faux site updated news for DVD releases starting now andgoing until June. i love this show and will be vary excited for its release.

I approve this dvd

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traffic court’s enemy

if you get a ticket in seattle area use this lady. She is so awesome


Tell her i sent you


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netflix throttle!!!

this makes me mad (so i am blogging it) i just learned that the long waits i noticedon my netflix queue are on purpose. this is unacceptable. so netflix not only didi email you but i will blog (ha)

turns out if you watch a lot of movies they will limit you to new releases all youget is old shit (why i havent watched anything new lately) on the top of my netflixqueue i have about 7 new releases, they are all “very long wait” not coolnetflix. some dude has a hack for it

but its a lame idea i have 115 movies in my queue. I like the idea however in a commentwhere you make a 2nd queue (for friends or family) then drop the new release 1 by1 into the queue i will test that later and see if it works.


BAD NETFLIX i actually loved your service until this morning. dent make me cancelyou and go back to downloading.

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google remakes the search engine

google is working on new search math to get rid of some of the cheats people use toup rankings. The cool thing is that you can test the new engine. cooler is my siteis still at the top for the keywords i want people to find me with!


IP for testing

pair of IP addresses ( and, for those who want a look)

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Seahawks to the superbowl!!

First time in history seahawks are superbowl

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news and things


Do you Run Zone Alarm 6.0? add this to your hosts file ‘’

coolgoogle video

where are you?

mythtv .19 outsoon!!

802.11n 600mbwi-Fi

bullshit that is the DOJsuing google they can suck it. people will always be sick and suing google becausethey wont play nice what a crock

my usual i hate the RIAA post

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backup SQL database to file nightly

I dont know why this was so hard to find but since it was I bloged it…

to backup a SQL database to a file each night so that my backup software can thenback up that file to disk/tape i want a script that would backup database to diskand overwrite the old. database maintnence jobs are supposed to do this if you saydelete file older then X days however my database maintnence jobs are failing withdumb errors i dont care to fix. so here is a script job you can run to do just that.

BACKUP DATABASE %databasename% TO DISK = "%locationto backup.bak%"

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hello goodbye

i was watching mtv today (two post about mtv in one day, lame) anyway i saw a videofor hello goodbye (band) and i was likewoah i know them. My good buddy Scott Culver directeda video for them. Butits not the one on TV(click that link to up the rating on mtv please). so to officiallygive props to scott culver this link willget you to his site where you can watch what i feel is a better video then the oneon mtv right now not only was scott the first  but he was better. so if yourreading this and work at drive thru suggestionthat you get scotts video up. its so much better then the bland blah blah that isup there now. all the same the band is cool even if d.t.r. didn't put the better videoup. if you like pop-punk sounding stuff with some crazy keyboard (its good) listen.that was my plug for the day. hello goodbye the band is cool you can get free mp3download if you look on any p2p network and the music video is in divix if you lookon torrent sites. was that good for words to get scott culver attached to anythingthat is cool? yea i think so. your welcome Scott. I (heart) you.

Summary Scott Video good other MTV video not as good.

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myth TV commercial skip and MTV

now that I have a stable mythTV boxup and running I am loving the DVR so much, commercial skip rules. Its very smarton every channel but MTV1/2 will it skip all the channels perfectly.

MTV is so flashy and jumpy and ‘gen-x’ that the commercial detection has no idea whena commercial starts.

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Happy Birthday Blog. Kelly Keeton

one year ago my firstpost three revisions of dasBlog two other peoplehosting from my server with dasBlog one other person convertedto dasBlog twice. and one new server hardware built just for the ocasion! survivinga nationwide new story google hits. and the following stats.

Total Posts: 281
Total Comments: 112

Total Hits: 2483

Total unique visits: 944

Average length of visit: 50 seconds

Top Search engine: Google (duh)

Top Keywords: Kelly Keeton, lace shoes, torrent, vista, black berry, trailer fabulous

Browser: 66% IE

USStates(most viewed): Washington, Virginia, California, Utah

Countries(most viewed): US, China, Canada, Australia

Serving Out: 16mb of blog

Most popular month: May


here is to another year blog


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