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get windows mobile to trust a secure site

I had a problem where windows mobile needed to access a secure site that i was notpaying for a cirt with verisign for. Here is how i did it.

1. Open IE on your desktop and load the page in question – click view cirt, then clickinstall cirt.

2. open MMC (Start -> Run -> "MMC" -> Ok) and add the Certificates Snap-in(not Certificate Authority snap-in) for your "computer account" / "local computer".

3. Open up the "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" tree, and under "Certificates"look for one that is named exactly like the one you found on #1. Right click, AllTask, Export and export it as a DER Encoded X.509 cert.

4. Copy the exported cert onto your device

5. Open up File Explorer find that file, and double click to execute. It shouldautomatically imported the cert.

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