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one year ago my firstpost three revisions of dasBlog two other peoplehosting from my server with dasBlog one other person convertedto dasBlog twice. and one new server hardware built just for the ocasion! survivinga nationwide new story google hits. and the following stats.

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MythTV and Xbox XBMCMythTV

Well for the last week I have been working on setting up a DVR (tivo) box formy home. This DVR is a DVR-Server of sorts using MythTV as the back-end for it all,and using Xbox with XBMC as the font end. It works sweet and here are my notes onthe setup.


  • MSI 845U Motherboard with 512ram and 2.3P4 (had that sitting around)
  • Hauppauge PVR-500 (picked that up) added a 2nd
  • nVidea AGP ATI AIW-8500 (for DVI)
  • SoundBlaster Live!
  • 250GB ATA

stuck all that into a box added a few more fans for server coolness.


I decided to use KnoppMyth Release 5A30.15B75C7 becauseits fast easy and has all the packages I need on one CD I am fairly comfortablewith debian being that all Knoppix distros use it. The CD allows for fast easy setup.Its a nobrainer. and lots of scripts for a fast install.

you need A hacked xbox with XBMC and XBMCMythTV (itemsout of scope of document for setup and how-to)

Setup of KnoppMyth is easy you can follow the many guides for installing theproduct

Install GuideKnoppMyth Wikki

Install Guide KnoppMythother parts and stuff

Install Guide for Fedora (homebrewyour whole box not for K.M.)

MythTV Documentation (genericdocumentation on the MythApplication)

Its all very basic install. Some tips I found to not be documented well (make sureyour running SU/root)

  • First off if your not a linux nerd then use the Web-Admin toolallows fast easy configs
  • auto start samba with – update-rc.d samba defaults
  • edit /etc/samba smb.conf to contain the /cache root path (need this to stream livetv to the xbox for.18 .19 is not the same and also not working right now with xbox)
  • enable use of mysql on network commenting out a line that reads 'skip-networking'in the /etc/mysql/my.cnf
  • make sure your security for the db is good here
  • restarting MySQL (/etc/init.d/mysql restart)change the IP address in the 'General'section of mythtv-setup on the backend system. Change both instances of IP numbersfrom the loopback address ( to the actual IP number of the backend.(thenrestart backend) if frontend fails to load this is the reason.
  • setall record profiles to 720x480
  • read howto-icons tograb the new channel icons -slow script
  • How to set the XBMCskin button to auto launch TV
  • to re-config the MythTV run ‘mythtv-setup’ from command line
  • backend restart #/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart (or stop)

If you have XBMCMYTHTV Live TV stream that dies after a few seconds use this trick

  • set XBMC buffers for network to 1024mb
  • set the ring file buffer in the xbmcmythtv to 8192mb (as of CVS XMBCMYTHTV now justruns off XBMC Buffers)

This will allow the ring file to grow to 8mb before XBMC plays it – and XBMC wontread more then 1mb ahead so you have buffer to FF/RW and not crash. However if youFF past live it crashes (i hope that fix that)

Here are some troubleshooting links for fourms and other spots for help

Windows Suport? i didn't find anything that worked or that was any good the websitethat comes with the distro will allow you to stream to a computer any recorded mediawhich is good for me since I use all Xbox’s there is Decodersfor Windows for the files that MythTV natively saves. I will continue totry and get better web and windows support for the application and post anything interesting.meanwhile we all wait for MythTV v.19.

With this setup I can record or watch two TV channels at once. and stream back anycontent to any xbox in the house. I got three streams one was live tv the other twowere recorded shows, i also was recording a show. All of this did not have any performanceloss on the hardware or on my 100 base network.

Edit: MythTV v .19 out

Edit: Updates for .19 and KnoppMythR5B7 R5C7 current from 6/4/06

  • now supports ATI remote wonder great just plug and play, dont 'remove the kernel module'it wont work with just LIR
  • if you upgrade from prior versions and use this FYI for setup thenmake sure that you enable the network for SQL otherwise it wont auto launch the fontend with startx
  • digital audioout
  • connectcable box
  • i have also added a ATI-AIW8500 as the video card. no this isnt for a input but theDVI output to my new TV works great
  • netflix setup

Update I upgraded to R5E with no issues except nvidia driver install

Update Upgrade to R5F1 and a few notes I didnt have on E mysql5 has new settings fornetworking

edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf and comment out for full access the line 'bind-address = '
a handy tool for working with tuner cards /etc/init.d/set_ivtv_params

also with the change to F you need to fix the SMB shares to point to the videos tothat xbmcmythtv works(see up in this post to turn on and share), BTW I'm using thecurrent CVS builds with no problem protocall 31 and xbmc current CVS

this post on tips for upgradeto new knoppmythtv