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hello goodbye

i was watching mtv today (two post about mtv in one day, lame) anyway i saw a videofor hello goodbye (band) and i was likewoah i know them. My good buddy Scott Culver directeda video for them. Butits not the one on TV(click that link to up the rating on mtv please). so to officiallygive props to scott culver this link willget you to his site where you can watch what i feel is a better video then the oneon mtv right now not only was scott the first  but he was better. so if yourreading this and work at drive thru suggestionthat you get scotts video up. its so much better then the bland blah blah that isup there now. all the same the band is cool even if d.t.r. didn't put the better videoup. if you like pop-punk sounding stuff with some crazy keyboard (its good) listen.that was my plug for the day. hello goodbye the band is cool you can get free mp3download if you look on any p2p network and the music video is in divix if you lookon torrent sites. was that good for words to get scott culver attached to anythingthat is cool? yea i think so. your welcome Scott. I (heart) you.

Summary Scott Video good other MTV video not as good.

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