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netflix throttle!!!

this makes me mad (so i am blogging it) i just learned that the long waits i noticedon my netflix queue are on purpose. this is unacceptable. so netflix not only didi email you but i will blog (ha)

turns out if you watch a lot of movies they will limit you to new releases all youget is old shit (why i havent watched anything new lately) on the top of my netflixqueue i have about 7 new releases, they are all “very long wait” not coolnetflix. some dude has a hack for it

but its a lame idea i have 115 movies in my queue. I like the idea however in a commentwhere you make a 2nd queue (for friends or family) then drop the new release 1 by1 into the queue i will test that later and see if it works.


BAD NETFLIX i actually loved your service until this morning. dent make me cancelyou and go back to downloading.

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google remakes the search engine

google is working on new search math to get rid of some of the cheats people use toup rankings. The cool thing is that you can test the new engine. cooler is my siteis still at the top for the keywords i want people to find me with!


IP for testing

pair of IP addresses ( and, for those who want a look)

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