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netflix throttle!!!

this makes me mad (so i am blogging it) i just learned that the long waits i noticedon my netflix queue are on purpose. this is unacceptable. so netflix not only didi email you but i will blog (ha)

turns out if you watch a lot of movies they will limit you to new releases all youget is old shit (why i havent watched anything new lately) on the top of my netflixqueue i have about 7 new releases, they are all “very long wait” not coolnetflix. some dude has a hack for it

but its a lame idea i have 115 movies in my queue. I like the idea however in a commentwhere you make a 2nd queue (for friends or family) then drop the new release 1 by1 into the queue i will test that later and see if it works.


BAD NETFLIX i actually loved your service until this morning. dent make me cancelyou and go back to downloading.

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