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some day

i will have a hidden room in my house.

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the sound of suffering…

for the last week i have been trying to get a nameless two-factor login proto callto work. its a nightmare. I cant post much on it cuz well its top secret. but itsstressing me out (this is also the first post where i say my current feelings) damnkelly don't break that record.

in other news

A Canadian university has ruled against Wi-Fi on the campus because administratorsare worried about possible hazards to student health. Lakehead is located at the headof Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and president Fred Gilbert won’t allow Wi-Fi,"until he’s satisfied EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure doesn’t pose ….

haha this from the same country that makes you takea test if you winmoney on a scratch ticket


i haven't done much lately just working. thats why there are no fun posts. 2.6 weekstill i move into a new place.

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[movie] Just like Heaven

most of you know that i am a sucker for romantic comedy, well this gets the KellySucker Stamp. check it its good. my only complaint is when she was a ghost they shouldhave removed her shadows. that bothered me.go rent $imdb(Just like heaven)

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This is so awesome Jon might actually buy XM now.

This is a “winamp” program that will stream XM no more need to run the IE window allday!! It also will pop up the song title IM style. It also links to MSN messengerfor the “now playing” its called XaMp thisis so cool.


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new toy

so i just got a newtoy its a Roland SP-808 this is the new generation (well in 1998 it was)to the TR-808 “the original” adds thingslike a 4–track recorder, synth, effects you know the usual-s. It can go off some sweetjumps too. anyway i doubt i will do much with it other then have tons of crazy soundeffects a button press away. but i surprised my self with how easy it was to makesome loops and remix some music. i just did a remix with a britney spears song. nexti need a table to cut and scratch some heavy tracks.

if you got here looking for nerdy news on them check out the roland808USers groupon yahoo groups its full of good information. the EX update and a FTP with the OEMbooks, videos and ZIP drives.

i am running the EX OS on my 808 with the upgraded 250zip. its very sweet.

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rsa secureID log off 5 minutes

Soa problem I had with RSA SecureID 6.1 that is a “known issue” not fully documentedand sort of a pain.


Whenyou use a Windows Domain Controller as an auth server for NT-Domain logins there isa setting for session lifetime of the RSA Authentication Token.




Theproblem is that if you set the session lifetime option this in theory will allow youto keep your token until you log off, in fact this feature is broken and you mustalso set the session life time minutes to live. As you see here I have set the NCAdomain to a lifetime of 12 hours, and then chose the Session lifetime option.


A complainta client might have is something like: My resource (like email) after 5 minutes willask for a log on, my account is locked out every 5 minutes.


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kelly gets involved

kelly write a post about this later.

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Garden Gnome Returns!

this is too good. i love this.

the Gnome is back in action

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Turns out A.D.D. is cool

here is a post about ADD in the I.T. world and why I am good at what i do.

goofy site


here are 151 things that describe me

and only 26 things that piss you off about me


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kelly moving out of mom and dad’s

yes its true by the 15th of March i will no longer be living at home. details to follow.

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