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rsa secureID log off 5 minutes

Soa problem I had with RSA SecureID 6.1 that is a “known issue” not fully documentedand sort of a pain.


Whenyou use a Windows Domain Controller as an auth server for NT-Domain logins there isa setting for session lifetime of the RSA Authentication Token.




Theproblem is that if you set the session lifetime option this in theory will allow youto keep your token until you log off, in fact this feature is broken and you mustalso set the session life time minutes to live. As you see here I have set the NCAdomain to a lifetime of 12 hours, and then chose the Session lifetime option.


A complainta client might have is something like: My resource (like email) after 5 minutes willask for a log on, my account is locked out every 5 minutes.


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