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This is so awesome Jon might actually buy XM now.

This is a “winamp” program that will stream XM no more need to run the IE window allday!! It also will pop up the song title IM style. It also links to MSN messengerfor the “now playing” its called XaMp thisis so cool.


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new toy

so i just got a newtoy its a Roland SP-808 this is the new generation (well in 1998 it was)to the TR-808 “the original” adds thingslike a 4–track recorder, synth, effects you know the usual-s. It can go off some sweetjumps too. anyway i doubt i will do much with it other then have tons of crazy soundeffects a button press away. but i surprised my self with how easy it was to makesome loops and remix some music. i just did a remix with a britney spears song. nexti need a table to cut and scratch some heavy tracks.

if you got here looking for nerdy news on them check out the roland808USers groupon yahoo groups its full of good information. the EX update and a FTP with the OEMbooks, videos and ZIP drives.

i am running the EX OS on my 808 with the upgraded 250zip. its very sweet.

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