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the sound of suffering…

for the last week i have been trying to get a nameless two-factor login proto callto work. its a nightmare. I cant post much on it cuz well its top secret. but itsstressing me out (this is also the first post where i say my current feelings) damnkelly don't break that record.

in other news

A Canadian university has ruled against Wi-Fi on the campus because administratorsare worried about possible hazards to student health. Lakehead is located at the headof Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and president Fred Gilbert won’t allow Wi-Fi,"until he’s satisfied EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure doesn’t pose ….

haha this from the same country that makes you takea test if you winmoney on a scratch ticket


i haven't done much lately just working. thats why there are no fun posts. 2.6 weekstill i move into a new place.

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