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Kathleen Meyer

sadly and happily I post for my late Aunt. Kathleen Meyer sadly because her daughterand parents (my grandparents) should never have to deal with things like this. Howeveras sad as loosing family can be Kathleen went to heaven, I told her yesterday thatwhen I get to heaven that we would dance together, she smiled. Something peoplehave a hard time dooing in the last few hours. Im glad I could give her a happythought. The next thing I thought of was how weird it was, apaper I read while sitting around was about the last hours of a person. It talkedabout how someone would hold on till they felt like they could let go. Dealing withunfinished business. After we talked with my aunt yesterday (being the last offamily to do so) she died a few hours later. Its one thing to read it, quiteanother to experience it. I will miss the paper fights on Christmas, help godkeep a eye on me I can use all I can get. I love you and see you soon*


Kathleen and Daughters Megan and Laura



Live – LightningCrashes

*soon, when you live in eternity, a life on earth of 80 years is soon.

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