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Remote Desktop – Remote enable

remote desktop is very handy, if you remember to turn it on.

If you dont remember, then downloadthis and it will reghack a remote computer for you, so that you can get intothe box.


Fake Name Generator

this is cool

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lost mysql password

as I learn linux so will you.

lost your mysql root password. well for some reason i did and the sql documentationseems to be wrong.

Run this: (after killing the current PID for mysqld)
mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables --user=root &
Then: (from mysql command line)
UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('newpwd') WHERE User='root';

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webmin and centOS

I was having problems installing webmin on centOS so I blogged it for my notesand yours.

Turns out the RPM from the webmin site is bad? anyway i found a niceRPM site that has the RMPS listed nicely and you can just download what you needuse wget. Also CentOS with out apache has none of the perl stuff you need so you needto also find the RPMS’s for all the perl dependencies – also note you need to downloadthe fixed RPM for webmin.

rpm how to find installed packages

[root@srv-3 RPMS]# rpm -qa | grep apache apache-1.3.19-5 [root@srv-3 RPMS]# 

So, we need to remove apache-1.3.19-5:

[root@srv-3 RPMS]# rpm -e apache-1.3.19-5 
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damn fake operator

there is something I hate as much asthe RIAA now-a-days its this automated phone menu systems. whichever moron thoughtup the idea to talk to a computer rather then press 1,2,3 can get kicked. here isa healthy alternative to dealing with the computers, swearat them.


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Web Junk

this web junk is worth blogging


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Ubuntu Linux

I have just got around to checking out this Ubuntu linuxthat everyone talks about. And now I will talk about it.

Ubuntu is the single most useful linux build I have ever used. This product can 100%replace windows. in fact a fewyears back i tried this with other distros and didn't get far.

I was able to install, auto-update and connect to exchange with no problems. It didlock my dell laptop up hard once. This distro has a feature set of applications thatcan get your computer up and running. There is a add/remove so you can early add applicationsthat are pre-packaged.

This is bad ass, if you want to dump windows today use Ubuntu if you dont then dualboot your laptop its totally worth it.

another thought on the idea same as me

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crypto class

here is howto crypto on the UW

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I went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet Jewels”today. Its the first time they have performed this thing. I gotta say I was impressed.Back in the day some hot-shot choreographer made this thing and its all the “rave”in NY and S.F. so Seattletook it on. I really liked the Rubies portion of the show. If you got time its wortha watch, playing until the 11th. I know kelly all artys fartsy. well it is ratherstunning to see that shit. here is a factoid. PNB has about 1/4 mill shoe budget ayear. the “point” shoes they wear are good for a week at max. sometimesonly a day. they wear out, $80 a pair. thats crazy.

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[movie] The Breakup

if your planning on watching this dent read this review i spoil the end.

The movie The Break up stunk,seriously this movie wasn't that funny didn't make me go ha, and the ending sucked.They didn't get back together. Sorry i don't go to a movie to watch real life. thatis in front of me every day. Why on earth do i want to watch a movie about a couplethat fights for 1 hour. They then go separate ways. horrible. If your going to watcha movie the point is that its not real life that things can change under circumstancebecause a writer is writing them. only in movies like 28days later are cool with a real life ending, but thats because a movie endingis just too cheesy. but in a romantic comedy real life isn't what people want to payfor. DUH i give this movie zero stars i would never watch it again. If they put outa sequel i would say “thats horrible”

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