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[movie] The Breakup

if your planning on watching this dent read this review i spoil the end.

The movie The Break up stunk,seriously this movie wasn't that funny didn't make me go ha, and the ending sucked.They didn't get back together. Sorry i don't go to a movie to watch real life. thatis in front of me every day. Why on earth do i want to watch a movie about a couplethat fights for 1 hour. They then go separate ways. horrible. If your going to watcha movie the point is that its not real life that things can change under circumstancebecause a writer is writing them. only in movies like 28days later are cool with a real life ending, but thats because a movie endingis just too cheesy. but in a romantic comedy real life isn't what people want to payfor. DUH i give this movie zero stars i would never watch it again. If they put outa sequel i would say “thats horrible”

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