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webmin and centOS

I was having problems installing webmin on centOS so I blogged it for my notesand yours.

Turns out the RPM from the webmin site is bad? anyway i found a niceRPM site that has the RMPS listed nicely and you can just download what you needuse wget. Also CentOS with out apache has none of the perl stuff you need so you needto also find the RPMS’s for all the perl dependencies – also note you need to downloadthe fixed RPM for webmin.

rpm how to find installed packages

[root@srv-3 RPMS]# rpm -qa | grep apache apache-1.3.19-5 [root@srv-3 RPMS]# 

So, we need to remove apache-1.3.19-5:

[root@srv-3 RPMS]# rpm -e apache-1.3.19-5 
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