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wine things for the day

How to Make Sangria

How to Make your Own Wine

go do that in your free time.

also a tip to use frozen grapes not ice

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how to ubuntu

a very good ubuntu wiki here.

and a post about wget thatlooks worth reading later

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where to set DNS in linux

I always forget this and when you google it you just get "how to set up DNS serveron linux" I dont care about that so im just writing a note to my self. All younormall blog readers ignore this.


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cant send email from blackberry

Did you allow automatic patches to run on your exchange server then realize that yourblackberry stopped working? I did.

BlackBerry KB

Microsoft KB that broke it

I cheated and used Jon’s Tip to fix it and applied the security to the whole companyOU Im not going to itemize out each employee with a blackberry. (simply by addingthe security to the OU advanced properties)

*note that if your user with a blackberry is a domain admin it still will not workunless you by-pass the new security policy’s in place. read the lower half of theM$KB




Xm vs Sirius final chat

A long while back I did a Reviewof Sirius and XM, The Washington post didits own review and did quite a good job at it.


They summed it up to say XM is better but thats because the reviewer is a baseballfan. However I agree buy XM (check out page 2/3) for exacts in what you want. Youwill notice XM gets the edge from the reviewer just like I came up with)

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crazy phone call

a lady just called my work cell and she was crazy she was going on about her lostchild, I informed her that I was not the emergency number she should be calling.She then went on to tell me how her kid was missing, she was obviously distraughtabout the matter so I asked a few questions to see if it was a emergency, turns outher 20 something daughter stole her car and ran away. Im guessing the caller was druggedor drunk and randomly dialling numbers. Odd. so after telling her about 5 times thatshe needed to hang up and dial 911 I hung up on her.

The part of this story that is worth bogging is that the information age and callerID with google shows you who it was that just called me.,+BELLEVUE,+WA+98006

hrm, be careful who you randomly drunk dial they will blog you.

However I was bored and then found a off hours number for bellevue police and calledit in just to hear the dispatch on my radio for the call. yea im a nerd.

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ubuntu update

im pushing this product like the goverment pushed uranium pills during war.

Ubuntu 6.06.1

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along with free VisualStudio  MSDNis now free. This is the “god documentation” to visual studio.

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blackberryhack that is “upcomming”

I alsolink to the documents on “how to properlyset up a enterprise server in a secure environment

justa light read for fellow SE’s that read my blog dog.

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continue on lock picking

so my previous post about how to breaka master lock isnt that fun in terms of getting into stuff, what about pickingany lock with out any knowlage of how to lock pick? cool idea is the bumpkey. Videoof the art. and buyyour own bump keys.

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