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cool xbox360 add-on

so I haven turned on my xbox 360 for a long while now because well, there is nothingto do with it. In the hacking world all you can get right now is firmwares to copygames. as cool as that is… there isnt any games i even want to steal right now. Ihave been playing GTA:SA on the 360 because i like the controllers.

However if you do have a 360 like me and are bored with not putting cool things onit. then here is a answer for you. As you might or might not know the 360 has a lotof cooling issues causing thermal kernel crashes, a company created a no manufacturebreaking add-on fan system that is very cool. (i own one) but just recently they putout a new version of the fan with Component, VGA, D-Audio out. this is way cool.ifyou dent have the other one with only a fan go buy this one.

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