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Exchange 2007 notes

I had to write a exchange2007 report for a client today it had a lot of handy links so I posted the link partof my report here.


That is correct youneed to put the 2003 server in native mode see the following link


As for not connectingto your schema master and RUS you need to run the ‘prepare____’ commands (forestprep/domainprep)before exchange 2007 will be allowed to talk to the AD infrastructure.


Yes you can run Exchange12out of your current environment and put SMTP connectors like we did with other companies. Just grow a new server put AD on it make it the Forestmaster /domain master, etc. then install Exchange (I gave a more user friendly linkthen Microsoft site with step by step if you want to attempt this on your own)


Friendly install link


Using Exchange12 withADAM

From my understandingthis is for performance and DR see following link – an “edge server” is a server outof your primary net… think DMZ


As for uninstallingExchange 2007 I have no experience with this at all yet. My test environment is notone which I currently want to pull things out of at this moment. However Google hasa few topics on the matter (none look like the answer is yes)

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