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New Toy! – and christmas idea.

So Katie talked me into getting a KitchenAidMixer (I have always wanted one) I got it from Costco for270 not bad since the 325w version is normally that price and I got the 400 one. Ido like the bowl drop version as opposed to the tilt head its less messy and its veryeasy to add stuff. The first thing I made with it was divinity, used the wire whiskand didn't even have to touch it. It just let it fly and it made some crazy air filledcandy. Watch out grandma (she loves it). So im totally stoked – so if anyonewants to get me Christmas presents you can get me accessoriesfor it, the ice cream thing would be cool as well as additional bowls (hinthint) I have a 5qt. bowl lift Stand Mixer


look at this fool

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