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Seattle FishClub – Todd English

Here is my first restaurant review. ToddEnglish’s Fish Club In Seattle Washington. This place sucks. Seriously,they tout it like some 5 star but when I came in to get some food it took 2.5 hoursto get/eat/pay. We actually waited 1 hour for pasta. 1 Fricken Hour! That is crazydumb. It wasn't that good. With a bottle of wine (I did get a good one) the bill was120.00 for two people what a joke. We totally did not tip. HAHA what a jack move.1 HOUR!! The part that was funny was we were sitting next to some “food blog”guy that worked here hisservice was just as bad. They messed up his order from seafood to a steak. This placeis horrible dont go here. Todd English you suck. Thankyou – Kelly

on a side note they have sorbet that was good.

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