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Tag that party a sucess

One of the best last minuet party ideas my friends and i had was a “name tagparty” what is that?

  • get a shitload of name tags you know the “hello my name is” type
  • get some black lights
  • get some highlighters
  • premake funny name tags like “call me at 555–1212” or “i liketacos” or “i’m single” or “may contain small parts”
  • stick them randomly to people as they enter the party

The idea is that you can only read them in the black light and they glow bright soyou can read across the room. Put the black lights in common area. Get real creativeand it will be a super super hit. We took this to a bar in Canada once with blacklights and i had people coming up asking for tags. Hint for a huge party have like300 tags handy (for a 100–150 people party) you will waste a lot and loose them.If blacklights is not a possibility then just use a red/blue Sharpe.

Just a personal story on how good this was. We threw a party once and it was so goodthat the police busted us. On the violation it was noted “there were beer cansand stickers all over the floor” HA!

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