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I got a Wii today. I am very excited.

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Security PodCasts for IT or Security Professionals

I have about 30 Pod-Cast streams and I listen to about 2–4 a day regularly, I haveevaluated a TON of them and my requirements are simple. They cant be dumb, Aim nota huge fan of TechTV because they tell you stupid things that i don't care about.So i try to not have casts that are like that. The other requirement is they are notslow. I don't want to hear a professor. Last i want updates in 3+ a month. Why? becausesecurity isn't a 1 month update. So here kicks off my list of security related Pod-Casts.the items in bold i feel are “essential” to your collection if your security minded.All of the podcasts can be found via Itunes search.

Blue Box VoIP – ok security related to Voip more focused on vonage and consumer thenenterprise.

CNN video Daily – security includes the news so good to get a lightdusting.

Crave Video – an OK review of hardware (non security)

Hack A Day – i jsut respect this site (non security)

InDigital – great video podcast about hardware (non security)

InfoWorld – good enterprise news source

MakeVideo – (non security) MakeBlog

Pauldotcom Security Weekly – great new age security cast

Security Now! – ok news for security the one host is lame.

Security Wire Weekly – good weekly news

This Week in Tech – mostly the people i dont like from other podcasts

Windows Weekly – ok news for windows.

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mac bugs

I hate mac fanboys. This is a listof bugs for mac’s this months apple bugs. I love people that say this is “not cool” (google mac fanboy) they say that if you release bugs for apple then people will use them. HAHA

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winamp for video

VLC player. cool

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errDisable Cisco

do you know a organization that runs loop back auto disable on switches? Plug in aT1 loop back or just make a loop back and plug it into jacks at your organization.I learned this today while trying to make a “Real” promiscuous  cable for netsnooping. I got a ErrDisabled because i have auto loop back disable turned off. Goodold switches.


loop pin 1/3 and pin 2/6


thisis what i was trying to do.

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Bump Keys – Real Threat

I thought I would put up the presentation that I do for Local Law Enforcmentand Security groups. I will be giving the presentation this Thursday if your a memberof ISSA inthe area.

BumpKeys.ppt (1.24Mb)


The presentation about bump keys is no unknown threat anyone with Google and YouTubeis aware of how this works. However if your not part of YouTube generation. Or justdon’t see physical security news, this presentation will demo bump keys and let youtry first hand how easy it is to obtain and use the keys in your own organization.

Contact me at NCA if your interested in having this presentation locally. 1–800–604–6536


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malware stopper

I have come across a good mailware stopping application that i might put into my “musthave tools”

Called WinPooch 

Go uninstall all your adware like applications (they totally suck anyway) and hitmalware at the root. not after it hacks you. This application has a huge ruleset andits very customizable, you can set up rules like “no .exe files will be written toC:\windows with out a accept from the user” this is awesome. Sure its a matter oftime before it becomes a really good application and people figure out how to getaround it. But for now its bad ass. Small and light – there is no reason you shouldn'trun this on all of your PC’s seriously go download and install.

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My brother in mexico

My brother is heading to mexico for 1 year this week. He is going down to be a missionaryfor our church and fix cars and build housesfor the facility that our church uses. I set himup a blog.


happy new year all. BTW

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