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Security PodCasts for IT or Security Professionals

I have about 30 Pod-Cast streams and I listen to about 2–4 a day regularly, I haveevaluated a TON of them and my requirements are simple. They cant be dumb, Aim nota huge fan of TechTV because they tell you stupid things that i don't care about.So i try to not have casts that are like that. The other requirement is they are notslow. I don't want to hear a professor. Last i want updates in 3+ a month. Why? becausesecurity isn't a 1 month update. So here kicks off my list of security related Pod-Casts.the items in bold i feel are “essential” to your collection if your security minded.All of the podcasts can be found via Itunes search.

Blue Box VoIP – ok security related to Voip more focused on vonage and consumer thenenterprise.

CNN video Daily – security includes the news so good to get a lightdusting.

Crave Video – an OK review of hardware (non security)

Hack A Day – i jsut respect this site (non security)

InDigital – great video podcast about hardware (non security)

InfoWorld – good enterprise news source

MakeVideo – (non security) MakeBlog

Pauldotcom Security Weekly – great new age security cast

Security Now! – ok news for security the one host is lame.

Security Wire Weekly – good weekly news

This Week in Tech – mostly the people i dont like from other podcasts

Windows Weekly – ok news for windows.

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