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Security Today.

I was reading around the web and found this interestingdocument, its interviewing a buglar and talking about “where to hide your money”I point this post out because it has one fun idea, the idea that if you leave somemoney out that is easy to find your less likely to have your house damaged, distroyed,and potentially the crook will leave thinking he stole your good stuff.

This is a fun idea to apply to corporate security.

My first thoughts when i saw the title of the article was “ok so we print to the publichow to keep your stuff safe, hide things in your toilet tank.” Now all of americawill put things in the toilet tank. It has this idea to put money in your kids toys.The concept is new so crooks wont look there. But like anything once its popular itswhere crooks go.

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giant posters

this is a cool idea to make giant posters.


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