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way cool exchange tool for calandar permissions

So I wanted to review the permissions of a group of calendars so that all team memberscan look at other’s clanadars. This is not only a hard task as a administrator todo individually but its also a pain for users, open click add add add. Most usersdont understand permissions so they have no idea where or what to click. So Iset out for a tool to mass edit calendar permissions.

I found one from Microsoft! This is a very powerful tool and not for goofing off,it is very powerful for public folders as well as private. PublicFolder DAV Admin tool and steps that are “not approved” to editthe calendar permissions You can set the default permissions to review forexample, this will allow a select or everyone to view everyones calendar, (not thatbig of a security risk since you can cheat and use free busy data to gather the sameinformation) but it increases productivity for users to know what others calendarslook like with the native views in outlook.

It will also do powerful admin tools for your public folders. Give you some interestingdata as well. The Q article has one glitch it has steps for a older version of theDAV tool, go to tools menu in the tool for the calendar permissions setting. and login with a domain admin that has exchange management over the server. My non domainadmin user didn't work. (send-as has no barring on this tool)

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