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KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
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nifty firewall software and captive portal

So I have never really liked wireless networks, also if I do have wireless I liketo have free wireless. So today I spent 8 hours working on making a new wireless networkwith a captive portal

captive portal
. Whatis this you ask? You know when you use the wifi at a hotel it makes you agree to termsand conditions? and you cant browse until you accept them. thats the idea. I lookedall over at like 15 solutions. Mainly the biggest being free, also that I didnt needto use services 3rd party and I didnt want it to be a windows application (dont wantto use a loud computer) I happen to have a old firewall that the OS was corrupt onfrom work so I went to compusa and bought a CF card for 40% off. came home and installedmy new os. I chose to go with itsa spinoff of m0n0wall
which is a very good firewall,however PFSence, has a better polish.

So after diggin out a old netgear I got it all hooked up, now I have port level fwdwith packet shape and vlans, as well as a firewalled limited wifi with captive portal.way cool I now offer network service to my neighbors with the added cost of lettingme spy on them. All ettercap I love you. The only interesting that I should add isim using a alpha build and its very buggy  but still works.


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