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first hand experence with national security

so I was driving to whidbey island anddecided to take the washington ferries systemto avoid traffic tickets from speeding and cutting off moronic northwest I sat in the line to wait I watched the state troopers do this lame scan for securityon the cars, mind you he was a K9 cop but the K9 must have been napping he wasnt there.So as I do now-a-days I have my radios up and running listening to the communicationstraffic for the state employees. As we are floating down the sound I hear on the radio,“uhm there is a silver honda with no operator that has its engine running.” immedatlyI hear a overhead page “will the owner of the silver honda return to the deck andshut off your engine” then  about 4 mins later,  over the radio I hear “sheshowed up”

hello WSF! Im sure that this is a common occurrence however I dont see why the governmenthas all the new anti-terror security waste of cash to just let a car sit running.didn't anyone see deja vu? wouldn'tit be totally acceptable to leave the car running as a power source for a bomb? Shouldn'tthis scream security protocol #2456–A and everyone would go into action and therewould be a “hut hut hut” noise and a sniffing dog? no just a overhead page, the WSPand dogs are there to catch pot from Canada, and people who are tired of the ‘matrix’,they just get arrested for telling the cattle they arnt cattle.

meanwhile if your caught leaving a bag or box on the WSF you will be arrested so pleasedont, as for cars its ok.

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political rant dated 71507

Comment from blog: SecurityMatters Wired Mag

This was a good post to read, Mr Schneier makes a very valid point here about howlife is mostly full of ‘BS’ about how a terror can happen everywhere. I personallyam getting tired of all this small crap like the ladywho had a baby bottle, I question how long until people just get fed up and stopwondering like cattle thru the gates of government.

Now you have a bunch of people “scared” about some brown man blowing up everything,to justify spendinganother dollar to prevent American's from having ‘the good old days’ – remember theday when we could bring our own booze onto a airplane so we didn't have to pay $10a shot?

sigh.. 10 years from now is gonna suck. some point the government controls ofthe EU make it just as much as a pain as here, ironic when people flee back.

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free as in speach, beer, or porn?

Im not saying hacka hotel for porn. But I will say you can hack it for free pay per view hbo moviesthey have. BYOTV (bring your own tv) poor Marriott, you must not enjoy the web. Idont know what's worse people that pay for porn. or that people actually watch hotelporn. yuck.

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IBM page about cross stie script

is hackable - thats funny. if this gets fixed basically your able to just enter aalert message into the url and have it pop up at the site. Only a laugh because thepage is how to prevent this crap.

link(now dead)

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social engineer dead people?

this site get grandpas files willhelp you write letters to make some paper pusher mail you back FBI records of deadpeople. Most interesting is the fact that you can just prove someone is dead no reference that you must be related. So you have a neighbor that died years agoand you can drum up some information on him or find on wikipedia that he is dead?better yet, you happen to come across a death record in the trash? find out if theywere dooin bad things. Or just mail letters off and see what happens.

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hacking sea monkeys

I was browsing a pile of stuff in my room the other day to come across a packageof sea-monkeys, I was reading the back of the package about a 2 year guaranteethey have on those brine shrimp. The guarantee states that if you mail one dollarto the address shown they will replace your seeds for free (minus the handling ofcourse) At no time the notice states that you must provide proof of purchase of theoriginal monkey pack. So it stands to reason that if you mail one dollar you get whatthey state is a six dollar value. So I investigated seamonkey guarantee on line turns out they have the same deal on line however youmust mail three dollars. The online version also states that you get some free literatureabout the monkeys. Im not saying that anyone should exploit the financial stabilityof the brine shrimp business, but its a good example of what you can find if you bendrules. So its up to you, pay 1–3 dollars and see what they mail back to you. Or buyit in the store.

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cachedump with injection

this is something way cool that isn't available to hacker-kiddys yet. using a toollike cache dump you can then use the hash you get to ‘run-as’ the hash user. thenI can run as the user on the computer or network. this means that you don't need aHash Table and it don't matter if its 127 character password or NT hash. Linkto security blog

must find this code. – Msvctl

Update: I did myresearch on this and you can find tools that will show this by using the term “Passingthe hash” I will detail more once I have more of a way to fix it. in a windows environment.I will also blog more once I have a good set of tools to show it off.

update: there isa copy of winexe that can be patched to pass hash and it works. I will not detailuntil later date but I can confirm it works the same as the blog link here.

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help desk email

never have I gotten a email as good as this.

“Kelly,I have a non-work related question and you may know the answer. I have guitar hero2 for the xbox 360 and I am trying to use one of the cheat codes I found online tounlock all of the songs but can not get it to work. Do you know or heard of anyonethat has been able to unlock all of the songs for the 360?


AsI see this a valid question, that any self respecting person would be able to taketime to answer I did, the following appears to confirm working from a message boardI found.

Cheats for Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 are entered on the main menu, where you seeoptions for Career and Quick Play. See additional notes after the cheats list.

    Unlock All Songs
    Guitar Hero 2 cheat code: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow,Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow
    Note: This is the unlock all songs cheat for the PAL (Europe) version of thegame.

    Unlock All Songs
    Guitar Hero 2 cheat code: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Orange, Yellow, Red, Yellow,Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow
    Note: Note: This is the unlock all songs cheats for the NTSC (America's) versionof the game.

    Special note about Guitar Hero 2 cheats on the Xbox 360.

    • Guitar hero cheats from the PS2 version do not work on the Xbox 360.
    • The effect of using Guitar Hero 2 cheats may or may not effect the earning of achievementpoints.
      achievements can still be unlocked by using the above cheats.
    • Re-entering a cheat code for Guitar Hero 2 will result in de-activating the cheat.
    • You can have more than one cheat active at the same time.
    • You do not need to hold the select button to enter a cheat, simply enter it whileat the main menu screen, rather quickly. It should take around three seconds to enterone of the codes.

    Link to GH2360 Cheats



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way to find people

here is a site that claims to find lost money,or peoples address. ha.

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Planet Heidi Security Web Comic Book Released

Planet Heidi is a web comic about computersecurity. I did work with the writer, He nowhas a book its the content of the comic. You should go purchase it its $9and you will learn something – or just find grammatical mistakes and let him know=). Either way check out the free version or buy a book.

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