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hacking sea monkeys

I was browsing a pile of stuff in my room the other day to come across a packageof sea-monkeys, I was reading the back of the package about a 2 year guaranteethey have on those brine shrimp. The guarantee states that if you mail one dollarto the address shown they will replace your seeds for free (minus the handling ofcourse) At no time the notice states that you must provide proof of purchase of theoriginal monkey pack. So it stands to reason that if you mail one dollar you get whatthey state is a six dollar value. So I investigated seamonkey guarantee on line turns out they have the same deal on line however youmust mail three dollars. The online version also states that you get some free literatureabout the monkeys. Im not saying that anyone should exploit the financial stabilityof the brine shrimp business, but its a good example of what you can find if you bendrules. So its up to you, pay 1–3 dollars and see what they mail back to you. Or buyit in the store.

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